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Many people today have turned away from Christianity because their experience of it, and the value they have received from it, fall far short of their expectations.  Given time the Spiritual alternatives based on the New Age and Eastern Mysticism also fall short.

However Christianity, as described and lived out in the New Testament of the Bible, does fulfill and meet all expectations to live a joyful and fulfilled life.   So why does it seem so hard to find?  

The answer is that Christianity, as expressed and  lived out in much of the contemporary church, falls short of the Christianity described in the New Testament of the Bible.  Where is the love, the power of God, the miracles and the caring group of believers bound together and mutually committed to each other by the love of Christ?

If you are one of those people looking to learn about the authentic Christian life then we can help you.   The starting points are:1: Learn who Jesus REALLY is, rather than the person that the prevailing culture describes.    Learn what the Bible REALLY says about God and his desire for a relationship with you.

Once the myths and misunderstandings are cleared out of the way then you can make a personal choice of what to do about it.

Contact us by EMAIL.  If you live in Ireland check out this link                                        or we can visit you and you are welcome to visit us.  If you live further afield then we can support you through the internet.

Our aim is to help people experience an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and then maintain that relationship within a group of believers bound together and committed to each other by the love of Christ.

This site exists to enable born again believers in the island of Ireland to link up with other like minded individuals or communities.

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